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on a lot of these school supplies, trying to get the merchandise off the shelves and making money to sell. >> so it's still the same situation but teacher won' captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> straight ahead, living in fear in college park, three students attacked in just the past two weeks. the circumstances almost all the same, and now the hunt is on for who is responsible. i'm scott duman. glad to have you with us. >> i'm natasha barrett. we begin with your traffic and weather in minutes. first, here's meteorologist adam caskey. good morning. >> good morning. what a weekend it's been. huh? >> fan fastic outside. comfortable, high temperatures. low humidity levels. high pressure overhead.
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high pressure will be centered over us then push off to the east. a comfortable 51 in winchester. if you're camping out west, that's what you wanted to wake up to. la plata, 58. nice-looking round of temperatures this morning. still not too humid outside. in the mid 80's. light south winds at 5-10 miles an hour. the average high is down to 82 degrees. tomorrow, no big changes. just a few degrees warmer. 88-89 for the afternoon high temperature. more on the forecast, the extended forecast, coming . >> students at the university of maryland are on high alert this morning after yet another act of violence near campus. >> a student was robbed and beaten on route one not far from the previous two robberies.
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more on these attacks and the search for the suspects. >> i don't feel safe in general. being in this area. >> university of maryland students have been beaten and robbed by a band of thugs three times in only the last 10 days. >> they are basically assaulting the victims and taking their property. >> the latest, 2:00 a.m., while one suspect tackled a student, the other suspect took the coed's wallet. five suspects then went after three students waiting at this bus stop right in front of a huge offcampus apartment complex. one victim was punched repeatedly and rob. >> i'm thinking about carrying pepper spray around here, because i do fear for my life sometimes. >> two days earlier at 1:00 a.m. a number of suspects tried to pull a couple of female s out of
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a car. but they nabbed a 15-year-old and this man. 22-year-old, maxie, and this senior says she has in the past experienced that unsettling feeling of someone following her. >> you want to feel safe. >> authorities say they have not linked all of these cases but they say due to the time in which they occurred, the manner and motive, they are certainly looking into that possibility. jay, abc 7 news. >> as americans mark this labor day, president obama will announce his newest plan to jump-start the economy. observers can't help but note it comes just weeks before crucial midterm elections. in washington with more. >> president obama once predicted a summer of recovery, but on this labor day with unemployment hovering around
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.6%. >> jobs are being created. they are not being created as fast as they need to. >> the administration confirms this week, mr. obama will call to extend and expand research tax credits which allows businesss to write off development costs and may endorse a payroll tax holiday. >> that could be helpful in six months when the economy really needs it. >> the economy says this is not a stimulus package. the republicans say it's a sign of political flailing. >> we always like to see death bed conversions but if we had done this thing a couple years ago, we would be in better shape. >> the president's weeklong focus on the economy comes less than two months before midterm elections when congress may be up for grabs. >> you hope if you can do enough
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small things, that you will do enough to win this war against what is a fragile recovery. >> today president obama unveiled -- wednesday he rolls out more ideas in cleveland, ohio where john boehner called upon the president to fire his economic team. emily submit, abc 7 washington. >> five red line stations are closed this labor day as improvements are made. the five stations are tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glen monte. the stations should reopen in time for tomorrow's morning rush, and labor day is no tron rest for some virginia dmv workers. they will be at work so people can renew or receive their drivers license. the computer glitch prevented the d.m.v. from processing for a
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week. 14 offices will open between 8:00-noon today. >> d.c. police are hunting the gunman who opened fire on 53rd street in d.c. two girls and man were hurt in that drive-by shooting. and we have an update on the two-alarm fire that broke out. fire officials now say the home was destroyed and the four people that lived there will need to find somewhere else to stay and the heat also damaged a neighbor's property but no one was hurt. >> and a construction worker is in the hospital after a trench collapsed. at regionnal heights. construction workers were doing foundation work when a large pile of work collapsed on a man. it took two hours to free him. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> 63 degrees.
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>> still ahead on good morning, washington, back to school on a budget. how some teachers are stocking up without having to pay a cent. >> and a dirty trick. warning for voters in prince george's county. >> and we'll have a check of weather and traffic coming up.
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>> good morning, it's about 4:39.
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time for another check of weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> meter meerment. i have to say -- meteorologist adam caskey, i have to say, it was nice and cool driving in. >> we are going to warm up the next couple of days. we have high pressure overhead for one more day. the high is going to push off to the east and it will set us up with southerly winds. that translates into slightly warmer conditions. that will be the case tomorrow, in the upper ailingts but not too humid. hagerstown 53. cumberland, 46 degrees. fredericksburg, 57. down in southern maryland, warmer. along the water. the water is warmer than the air this time of day, this time of year. 82 was the high yesterday. exactly average for this time of year. record is 98 degrees.
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mostly sunny today. >>s the about 4:40 right now. it is about 4:40 right now. not a lot of people on the roads this labor day. >> of course, the holiday certainly taking effect. the first shot you're seeing there. no traffic coming into town and of course, on the american legion bridge, also finally, as quiet as can be. >> looking great. the 14th street bridge. once again, just a couple cars, so if you have to go to work like us, you're in good company. coming up on the show -- >> we've got cleaning up on cragse list, the online bulletin board cuts a very controversial section. >> this is a completely fictitious committee. >> but first a warning for voters
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>> in or top stories at 4:4 4, investigators are looking forer four people who attacked and robbed a university of maryland student. it happened on hart wick road and college park. the student suffered minor injuries. this is the third such attack on university of maryland students in the past 10 days. president obama will hit the road this week to unveil a new economic plan. he is expected to call for an extension and expansion for a
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tax credit that would allow businesses to write off development costs and endorse a payroll holiday for new hires. >> rocket propelled grenades and mort torse attack a school in southern afghanistan this morning. there are reports an afghan soldier was wounded during the hour-long battle. there are no reports of u.s. casualties. >> turning to battleground maryland, a fake ballot making the rounds has prompted a warning from the attorney state general. the letter went out and appears to have inaccurate and misleading information on it. richard reeves has more. >> the pamphlet certainly looks official. >> i didn't know it was fake. >> at the top it reads official democratic ballot. the the trouble is it's not. it's completely insidious and designed to mislead and the voters. >> they are typically used to
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endorse voters. >> i have no idea who is sending it out but all the information was fraudulent. >> andrea running for the state's attorney is especially angry. it shows c. anthony giving her opponent his endorsement. he didn't. >> they are tricking voters. it's disgusting, immoral. wrong, illegal. and i just couldn't stand by and watch it happen. >> you think it would fool some people? >> i'm quite sure it does if they don't take the time to read it. >> in tiny print it reads the authority of the -- -- >> this is completely a fictitious group. they are not filed with the state. >> they should be making educated decisions and when we get literature that's misrepresenting what is happening in the world, this is not good. >> richard reeve, abc 7 news.
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>> councilman jim gram is slaming a political call. there's a call that attacks him on issues of abortion and references report in the city paper that he paid for one. graham's spokesman says the call is a vile, illegal political hit job. graham's two challengeers in the primary have denied any involvement. >> turning to the d.c. mayor's race. thousands of people use this holiday weekend to cast their ballots. elections officials tell "the washington post" more than 300 people voted on saturday -- more than 3300 people voted on saturday. voters didn't have to wait more than 15 minutes. early voting centers will be open today from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. >> picking up the damage left behind by tropical storm earl. it left power lines and trees down. one tree crashed into this home
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in halifax and earl also left thousands of homes and businesses without power. >> the search for victims buried in the landslide in guatemala is expected to continue this morning. conditions were too dangerous last night. torrential rains killed at least 38 people and at least 50 people are still missing. >> craig's list is shutting down the controversial adult services section of its website. the move comes after attorney generals from 17 states came together and wrote a joint letter to the website last month calling for the removal of that section. craig's list claims it was created for legitimate adult businesses but critics consider it a clearing house for prostitution. >> jet blue's most infamous flight attendant is flying solo. stephen slater quit his job during the airline and later got fed up and made a dramatic exit.
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he opened up the emergency chute and slid down and later arrested and charged with two felonies. >> sunday postal officials unveiled its stamp that features a pore trait of mother teresa. the stamp was unveiled at the sline of the immaculate conception in d.c., and you can start buying the stamps tomorrow. >> beautiful morning for you. and nice outside. >> a little bit later coming up on good morning, washington, picking up the tab for public school teachers used to paying out of pocket. >> first a check of weather and traffic every 10 minutes, you're watching good morning, washington.
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>> all right. 4:52 now and time for another which can on this labor day weather we're seeing. nice and cool out. >> i love it. i wish. i hope it stays this way. adam caskey, tell me it will. >> well, labor day weekend is one of the best weekends here in washington. book ending the summer. fantastic, and we deserve it. 53 in hagerstown. winchester's 5 .
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nice -- 51. folks out camping in shenandoah. this is what you want to bake wake up to, if you're camping. culpepper at 52. great starts, mainly in the 50's with low humidity again on this labor day monday that we have. so crystal clear skies. lots of sunshine anticipated for today. west of the metro area, showers maybe. further down south and in parts of virginia. we're in a very dry weather pattern. it continues for the next several days. good chances for wain next weekend. i know there's showers far off to our north and west. but that will pass to our north. mid 80's today. 85. mostly sunny. low humidity. southerly winds will bump our temperatures up over the next couple of days. upper 80's, nearing ninth.
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but then lowering the temperature again thursday and friday. we go up and go back down. it's nice. >> hard to complain, adam. >> 4:53. 63 degrees outside. perfect weather. >> perfect. >> outside if you have to get up and go somewhere? traffic is ok. only because it's labor day here in d.c. we'll be right back.
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>> it has long been a massive frustration for public school teachers. not only is their salary low, but mos of them end up spending their own money for supplies for the kids. >> now one group is stepping up. abc's ron claiborne has this story. >> for school administrators, shrinking budgets mean numbers that won't add up. >> for first grade teacher, it means students that won't have
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enough pencils or paper. >> you run out and you won't get anymore. >> so they buy them themselves. >> i spend like $400, probably, each year out of my pocket. >> one study finds more than 90% of public school teachers spend their own money to provide basic supplies for their students, an average of nearly $500 a year. but now they are getting help. world vision, a christian humanitarian group is providing supplies to 350,000 students nationwide from highlighters to erasers to text books. >> we try to make ex-connections between doneers and those who don't have enough. >> they go directly to supplyers to get them to donate excess inventories. like staples. they are brought to one of eight world vision storehouses then distributed to centers like this one where teachers come to shop.
4:59 am
>> we are always running owe of binders. >> anytime i find science materials. >> i love it. >> all of it free. >> we are happy to receive anything. so anything you give them they are excited about. >> excited, too, about learning. and that may be the most valuable thing this program provides. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> all right. lots more straight ahead in our next half-hour of good morning, washington. >> coming up, three separate attacks in just two weeks. now maryland students living on the edge. >> and summer vacation ask almost over for virginia students, but budget cuts could main big changes in the classroom. >> and after an almost perfect weekend, what is in store for this week ahead, good morning, washington begins right now. >> good morning, washington. i'm scott duman. >> and i'm natasha barrett.

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